Our Approach

My Approach

I don't care how important you think you are in the world.  When you come into my world, I take total control.  You have no choice but to do exactly what I say at all times.  It is my way or nothing.  I win, you lose.  If you have a problem or complaint, don't bother whining to me.

Our Story

My Story

I have been doing this for a long time.  I have lots of experience.  I love the power exchange and bringing powerful men to their knees.

I love the finer things in life and know I should settle for nothing less.  The more money you give me and the more presents you give me the more attention you will get.

You can also have sessions on Skype, emails, messenger, texts, etc.  Make sure to include the type of communication you seek on your application.

I understand everybody has different fetishes and each person likes different things.  I am pretty good at figuring out what your weaknesses are and which direction to go next.  The more information you tell me in the beginning, the more intense and better everything will be.  I look forward to spending your money and getting everything I want.


Your future, if you are lucky...


You belong on your knees, as you don't deserve to look me in the eyes. Plus you can hide that small dick of yours easier.



This is you, giving me money.


CashApp $DelilahDemeaner

CashApp me $DelilahDemeaner.  Take a deep breath and start sending money, purchasing items on my wish lists and do yourself a favor and obey my every command.  It will be much easier on you.