If you are doing a session, cash or PayPal payment through the PayPal.me/tranpierce link only!


A gift from my Wish List does not subistute or fulfill the donation for a session.  A gift is totally separate.  It is not required but always appreciated.


Money is not an impersonal gift. If you would like to give gifts of money, send through this Paypal Link:  PayPal.me/tranpierce.

If you don’t have Paypal but would like to give the gift of money, I also accept Venmo.

The email address is [email protected]

You will not be able to give me the item in person, unless you have my prior permission. You don’t have to be an approved Pay Pig to send gifts. I would gladly accept items on my wishlist purchased by anybody.

Amazon Wish List: [email protected]



I also would love gift certificates from the following stores:




Victoria Secrets

Fredricks of Hollywood

Vex Clothing


Extreme Restraints

La Mer



I always love gift certificates to a spa, especially a medical spa.  It must be no further than Carlsbad.


Or you can bring unique and custom made fetish toys and or tools.  Of course, I always love shoes and boots as well.


I wear a size 9 shoe but 10 for boots.