1. You do as I say. I am the boss at all times.

2. There must not be any expectations for me to do what you want because you give me money. Giving me money and gifts should make you happy because you either admire me, enjoy the "high of it", humiliation, or see that it gives your life meaning and purpose.

3. All participants must be 18 years of age. NO EXCEPTIONS!

4. You must always be honest with me. Don't make promises you can't keep. Don't bullshit me because you will ultimately only be hurting yourself.

5. You must be respectful at all times. Do not ever get rude, impatient, bitter or forget your place and to with whom you are speaking.

6. It is a lot easier for me to find another Pay Pig than it will be for you to find somebody like me. You need me more than I need you. Remember that.

7. I will never get naked for you or allow you to touch me. I am a Dominatrix not a hooker.

8. Be as detailed as possible with your application so I know exactly what you are seeking and if you should be allowed to serve me.

9. I am very busy and will not tolerate any whining or complaining. Do not call me over and over or email me obsessively.

10. Do not try and haggle or negotiate. This is not the Swap Meet. This is for the Elite only, who can afford to spoil me. Do not misunderstand that you have no control. If you are serious about this, you must come as a total and absolute submissive Pay Pig.

11. You must do this on your own accord. Nobody is making you do anything. If you choose to do this, then get the full experience from it. Do not attempt to "half-ass" it. Either do it or don't but don't be fickle.  If you don't want to do this 100%, then don;t even bother.  If you are not going to do as you are told then don't waste my time.

12. If you are dismissed as a Pay Pig or break any of these rules, you will be put on the BLACKLIST. This is a list shared among all the Fin Dommes and all providers as a "Time waster", flake or simply somebody who is not worthy of any time or communication. If you earn yourself a place on THE BLACKLIST, which I share with other providers to warn them about dealing with people that should be avoided.  You might as well find a new hobby or lifestyle.