Screening Process/ Application

If you want to be a Financial Domination Client, START HERE.


You want to be one of my Pay Pigs, Human ATMs, etc.

Humiliation Session (Phone, Skype, Text or Email)

Sissy Training, Sissy Assignments, Etc.

Financial Domination With Contract

The idea of me spending your money excites you.

You are generous and want to spoil somebody who deserves it.

You make more than a good living and would like "put me on payroll" for being so wonderful.


We write up a contract,  based on our agreements for a daily, weekly or monthly "allowance" that will automatically be direct deposited on an ongoing basis.

Humiliation Session For Losers

Are you such a loser that the only thing that will make you feel better about yourself is paying a fine for being yourself?

Are you seeking my time and or attention for any reason?  My time is valuable, so be prepared to pay well for it.

Do you want to be told how pathetic you are or how small your dick is?  That is one of my specialties.  Make sure to explain any limits.  If you are a whiner, you run the risk of annoying me, which will be very bad for you.


Do you just want to buy me a present but not be humiliated or financially dominated?

I have several wish lists covering a variety of things I want.  They range in price, so whatever your budget is, you can find something I want and buy it for me.  Of course, the nicer and more expensive the item is, the more I will tolerate you (unless you annoy me, piss me off or I simply don't like you).


See my WISHLIST PAGE for more details.  If there is something you want to buy me that is not on my wish list, send me an email explaining it; AFTER, OF COURSE SENDING A TRIBUTE SO YOU WILL GET A RESPONSE.

You wanted to schedule a session in my dungeon.

Of course, like any kind of humiliation session, it starts with you sending me a tribute through CashApp $DelilahDemeaner. Then send me a text saying what name or email to look  for as the sender, so I will know which tribute you sent.

To call and text, call directly at 619-708-8497.

You interested in a role play BLACKMAIL

In order for me to consider this kind of fetish I need to meet you in person. You have to show me your ID, look like the picture, sign a contract and convince me that you really are you really are who you are claiming to be and these are your funds to give away legally.

Like all other Financial Domination transactions, send a tribute first then email me the details of your request:

  1. The email or name from which you sent the tribute
  2. What you would like included on your contract and the overall situation and your fantasy of being extorted for money.                                   (The more details the better.  There is no guarantee that any request will be approved and be included in the contract.  Either way, I still get a better idea of who you want to be in the roleplay and what makes you tick).

This one is a little different than all the rest,  This one has to start with at the very least a $500 tribute.  If I get an email without the tribute as I have clearly instructed, you will be blacklisted and never communicated with.