As you might figure, I have expensive taste and love quality products that are the best of the best. When I find an item I am excited about, I will share it on this blog. It can give hints to my Pay Pigs to let them know what I like and how to select the perfect item on my Wishlist to purchase for me. This should also be useful to other Fin Doms. Hearing about an amazing item that they would enjoy, would be a nice gift to their Wishlist. I think the information I share on here regarding recommended products would be useful to anybody who needs to come up with a great gift idea or even somebody that wants to reward themselves with something special.

Over-achieving Pay Pigs should stay updated and well read in my blog. I might be talking about a product I love and mention something else that I am interested in trying, etc. I am very busy and sometimes I forget to update my Wishlists.

One thing for sure, I am very picky and have a very high standard of quality I expect.

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